Alpine Slowness

The 7 pillars for your Slowness holiday in Bad Kleinkirchheim

Alpine Slowness stands for the slowing down effect that the alpine landscape of Bad Kleinkirchheim has. At the Ortners’ Eschenhof you will be grounded again and brought back to your roots in an enriching way. We create slowing down offers flexibly and with maximum openness and react to individual needs. You have the opportunity to experience unforgettable nature experiences with your family and partner and, if necessary, to book individual coaching to increase your well-being.


Sleep medicine

After a restless night without enough sleep, we feel weak and lack energy. This is mostly due to the carousel of thoughts that keeps spinning in our mind as a result of our everyday stress. In the long term, a lack of sleep can lead to health problems. Sleep medicine is an integral part of the Eschenhof team. Sleep experts identify inconsistent sleep patterns and create a basis for lasting improvement. Whether by booking a sleep program or using the mobile sleep laboratory – restful and healthy sleep is the top priority here.

Mental strength

Psychological strain and mental stress can lead to serious illnesses and paralyse us in everyday life. It is important to recognise the warning signals at an early stage so that appropriate countermeasures can be taken. With a holistic health-promoting concept, the Eschenhof gives you unexpected mental strength again. With the help of bio-feedback and brain wave measurements, stress patterns can be recognised and specifically addressed. In addition to sleep medicine procedures, we also support you with mental coaching. Outdoor meditation exercises complete the package.


Regular check-ups provide important information about our state of health. However, health examinations and internal diagnostics do not necessarily have to take place during the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but can be seen as an incentive for a break in a relaxed environment, as offered by the Eschenhof. Between the examinations and doctor’s consultations you can enjoy the advantages of the wellness facilities and the unmistakable alpine landscape.


With smartphones, tablets and other electronics, we are becoming more and more lost in a virtual world, eclipsing what surrounds us in the real world. At the same time, we feel overwhelmed by being constantly on call. Such influences have a negative effect on our well-being and often end up in being burned out. As the saying goes “back to the roots”, the conscious perception of nature and distancing yourself from everyday stress are back in focus at the Eschenhof. An offline holiday is an experience that can be enjoyed not only by couples but also by the whole family.

Detox & nutrition

Unbalanced and incorrect nutrition leads to vital substance deficits. This can promote symptoms such as allergies or digestive problems. Therefore, it is important to recognise possible vital substance deficits and to complement them with high quality supplements. Vitamins, enzymes and trace elements nourish our cells and give our body additional energy. After determining your metabolic type, you will receive nutrition coaching and advice on how to pay attention to your diet in stressful everyday life at the Eschenhof. The Eschenhof kitchen relies on detoxifying, light dishes in combination with slow food.

Regeneration & well-being

Sensory overload and external influences in work and everyday life disturb our well-being. A reset or breaking out of everyday life is therefore becoming more and more important today. The Ortners’ Eschenhof is a place where you can find yourself again and where nature gives you strength for everyday life.


A lack of exercise has an impact on the cardiovascular system, the immune system and on ageing and degradation processes. Regular exercise and strengthening of the supporting apparatus counteracts this, and the increased oxygen intake promotes physical and mental flexibility into old age. In the Alps around the Eschenhof you will find a place of power to invigorate the body and balance the mind. Whether hiking in summer or taking a walk through the forests of the Gurktal Alps in winter – the power of the mountains directly ensures increased well-being.

Peaceful packages

Whether you're a climber, a dog´s best friend or a family man: our packages give you time for your heart's desire.

Sleep well

24.05.2023 – 03.11.2024
7 nights

Indulge in relaxing rituals that promote healthy sleep.

from 1.212 € price per person

Sleep well - live better

24.05.2024 – 03.11.2024
7 nights

 Fitness, relaxation and rest! Find your way back to more joie de vivre!

from 897 € price per person

Sleep well - live better

24.05.2024 – 03.11.2024
4 nights

 Fitness, relaxation and rest! Find your way back to more joie de vivre!

from 595 € price per person

Cold bathing

06.10.2024 – 09.10.2024
3 nights

relaxation for body, mind and soul

exact 490 € price per person

Time at the Eschenhof heals all wounds

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