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Fun factors around our family-friendly hotel in Carinthia

As a child-friendly hotel in Carinthia, we always have a tip that will make young and old happy. Our most important piece of holiday advice in advance: Let the kids set the pace! They are often satisfied with less than we might think. Because it is not the amount of activities that counts, but that what they experience is experienced with all their heart.

Our nature school

As a Nature Experience Ranger, young and old set out from the Eschenhof on the trail of nature in the biosphere park. We go on at least two guided excursions a week into the nature around the hotel throughout the year.

Sensory trail around the hotel

On the sensory trail around our child-friendly hotel in Bad Kleinkirchheim you can put your senses to the test. The trail covers a total of eleven stations, including the boccia under birch trees, the sound house, the orchard, the river bed, the labyrinth, the fire pit, the wooden ball game and the splashing water corner.

Tom & Tina's animal search expedition

Our mascots Tom and Tina have lost some animals: 1 cow, 1 horse, 1 pig, 5 chickens and 1 goat. A detective badge and a sketched map can be picked up at our reception. On the sketch, 9 stations in Bad Kleinkirchheim are marked, where important clues to the missing animals are hidden. Whoever finds all the missing animals get the coveted Eschenhof farmer's sack as a finder's reward. Participation is free of charge for all hotel guests!

Sonnenschein Card & Kärnten Card

Guided tours, attractions, the Nockmobil and a varied family programme - with the Sonnenschein Card all this is included during your holiday! The Kärnten Card is the key to an additional 100 excursion destinations, including, for example, free gondola rides to the most beautiful vantage points in the region.

Experience the biosphere reserve

How is bread baked? Which herbs grow in the Nockberge mountains? Where does the cheese come from? A varied family programme in the biosphere park inspires young and old explorers alike. Throughout the week you will find offers - from hikes with rangers to bread and stick bread baking to fishing at the fish farm.

Excursion destinations

Fancy whizzing through the forest on the Kaiserburg bob-sleigh or the Nocky Flitzer Alpine roller-coaster, or visiting Heidi and Peter on the mountain pasture? We can also recommend families to visit the Granatium in Radenthein or the wildlife park in Feld am See. The Pyramidenkogel and the Nockalm Road offer great views. And for teenagers and car fans there is the Porsche Museum in Gmünd.

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