A family as one

Holidays with grandma and grandpa in Carinthia

It is said that the greatest source of energy in old age is one's own children. So it is not surprising that there is a trend towards holidays with grandchildren in Carinthia. The time at the Eschenhof is enjoyed by young and old alike. Often there are even three or four generations in the house. True to the motto: A family as one, double the fun!

Experiences for young and old on the mountain peaks

The shape of the gently rolling Nockberge mountains ensures that many hikes can be easily managed by old and young. But there are also other excursion destinations that make a holiday with grandma and grandpa in Bad Kleinkirchheim a lasting memory. The Nockalm Road, the Granatium in Radenthein, as well as the museums and castles are particularly popular. The crowning highlight of a day is often a boat trip on Lake Millstätter See.

Time for each other, time for oneself

Especially on holiday, grandparents want to spend time with their offspring on the one hand, but on the other hand they also want to relax. That's why childcare is so important at the Eschenhof. While the grandchildren hike with the child care specialists, do handicrafts with natural materials or explore the sensory trail, the grandparents can sit back and enjoy all the hotel has to offer. That balance is good for everyone!

Time that matters

Family wellness

All relaxed, all good

Childcare services

Experience nature instead of overstimulation

Single with child

Time together, time for oneself