Everyone in the mood for wellness

Wellness with children in Carinthia

Practice makes perfect. That also applies to relaxing and slowing things down. With family wellness in Carinthia, recharging your batteries becomes child's play. At the Eschenhof, 800 m² full of possibilities and endless time await you to bathe in happiness together. And while the kids are immersed in nature with the childcare, you will find a retreat just for you in the Spa Silencium. That is what makes a wellness holiday with the family in Carinthia exciting for all generations.

Fun for all

Doze in the family relaxation room and sweat a little in Tom & Tina’s Schwitzstadel - wellness with children in Carinthia is that easy. A visit to the steam grotto and a dip in the indoor or outdoor pool reinvigorate you in no time. However, to make sure that nature can also "recover", we do not use disposable bathing shoes at the Eschenhof. We therefore ask you to bring your own bathing slippers. Alternatively, these can be purchased at reception for € 5.00. A bathing bag with bathrobes for young and old is available in the room.

Ready for my massage!

Our wellness professionals are dab hands with families. With practised skill and special treatment packages, they gently massage the whole family into a wellness seventh heaven. Massages and other treatments are perfectly tailored to the needs of every phase of life.

Family Balance Programme

With biodynamic special treatments, we support you in finding your inner self again in your partnership and family. We offer families a comprehensive and holistic therapy programme:


  • Family constellations
  • Fairy tale symbolism work
  • Work with the "inner child
  • Biodynamic-Balance
  • Hypnobalance
  • The Journey

Time that matters

Childcare services

Experience nature instead of overstimulation

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Time together, time for oneself

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