Culinary Delights

Scenic beauty and fresh mountain air are a natural indulgence for the senses

We offer the additional possibility of honing these senses and at the same time, finally unwinding.

A challenge for all senses, for all ages, is provided not only by the Eschenhof-Vital(S)Pass , also the Senses Walk, the Atrium or various fitness-programmes allow you to really become active. Or you can simply enjoy the natural atmosphere and sleep yourself fit - at Eschenhof you can make your holiday dreams come true!

Outstanding Quality

ESCHENHOF IS A PLACE OF INDULGENCE – our culinary delicacies are proof of that. 
Our cuisine is based on healthy, down-to-earth cooking. We use predominantly organic, regional products.

Slow food

Slow food means eating consciously and enjoying good, pure and fair-trade food products with a sense of ecological responsibility. It means a holistic eating and drinking culture with a special appreciation of local products. This is what defines the Alpine Slowness food concept at Eschenhof.