5 Elements Sensory-Walk

An encounter with pure nature

The newly designed Sensory Walk is a unique experience which will awaken all of your senses. Walk along the track and indulge all the senses when you take time at the different sensory stops, surrounded by pure nature.

Altogether, the walk has 11 Senses Stops:

  • The Woodpile: Touch and smell your surroundings.
  • Boccia Under the Birch Trees: Invites you to play and linger.
  • The Sound House: Draw your own life melody.
  • The Sensory Island :Stimulate the fine nerves in your feet on our barefoot snail.
  • Ball Roller : Form your own ball path and bring the balls to their destination.
  • The Fruit Garden : A gift of nature, to touch and taste.
  • The Stream Bed : An exceptional kind of balance act.
  • The Labyrinth: Find the way to your center.
  • The Fireplace
  • The Wooden Ball Game
  • The Water Spray Corner