Digital Detox Days

We have something new for very daring guests!
Get away from the mobile phone, laptop or tablet for once, for a “digital detox” – that often sounds easier than it is. 

This offline time could be seen as an opportunity to reduce stress and enjoy the immediate surroundings – “slow down” – take your foot off the pedal, switch down a gear – the Ortner host family offers precisely this in Austria’s sunny south, in Bad Kleinkirchheim.
They have developed the concept of Alpine Slowness and takes guests off the treadmill of everyday life. The cosy hotel in the Nockberge has set itself the goal of giving its guests a new quality of life in and with nature, so they can rest consciously, find time for each other and the family and have fun. 
And with a digital detox, this goal can be achieved even better, as excessive media consumption steals our time!
Many people have forgotten how to switch off – literally! One is always available, looking at the mobile every couple of minutes so as not to miss an important message. In the meantime, many people are suffering the consequences of this flood of information and the resulting side effects, such as burnout, stress, lack of concentration, insomnia, physical and mental overloading, depression, imbalance, poor private life and recreational life, or relationship difficulties. Unfortunately, this already affects all age groups, from the managing director who checks work e-mails and messages at weekends to the children who should actually be enjoying more time in nature!
Take a stand against the digital revolution and use your mobile, laptop or tablet purposefully and with common sense!
Do not let mobile hysteria, e-mail madness or senseless surfing rob valuable holiday time! This wasted time will never come back. 
The Ortner family is pursuing the goal of letting their guests find peace and quiet and leave everyday life behind. Lasting benefits are important at their hotel. One can experience and enjoy nature and its magical moments during Nature Experiences. “Alpine Slowness” is also reflected in the cuisine at Eschenhof, with Slow Food and Social Food. 
Wellness treatments gain a new quality within the Alpine Slowness concept. From treatments with natural hay to a Carinthian Speik bath, the wellness experts bring the treasures of the surrounding nature to Eschenhof. 
A stay at a Digital Detox hotel is now a trend: more and more people are longing for time out from their mobile phone, e-mails and the associated constant availability. The breathtaking beauty and multifaceted nature of the Nockberge will facilitate switching off greatly. 
Enjoy instead of googling. Live instead of like. Experience a greater quality of life again! This is what the Ortner family wishes their guests!
The Ortner family therefore has a couple of pieces of advice for “switching off”: 

• Learn to set priorities – nobody is constantly available
• Start the day offline without a mobile phone, tablet or notebook
• Send fewer e-mails – then you will also receive fewer!
• Take regular breaks in nature
• Create a retreat for yourself
• And most importantly: switch your mobile, tablet and laptop off for longer periods.
We would like to help you achieve this and offer you an offline holiday at the Ortners’ Eschenhof. 
For all guests who hand in their digital media at the reception for their stay at the hotel, we offer a 5% price reduction as a reward for your stay in the beautiful landscape of Carinthia!

Look forward to a relaxed holiday in fabulously beautiful surroundings – digital fasting in the Carinthian Nockberge!