Outstanding Quality

Feel what enjoyment really means!

ESCHENHOF IS A PLACE OF INDULGENCE – our culinary delicacies are proof of that. 
Our cuisine is based on healthy, down-to-earth cooking. We use predominantly organic, regional products.

Our distinction „Grünen Haube“, for outstanding organic cooking, represents that.

Our head chef uses only products from controlled organic farms within the region for our exclusive, culinary delicacies. Healthy as well as tasty food is the first priority here at Hotel Eschenhof.

The use of organically grown products is a basic principle in the Eschenhof kitchen and an even more important second basic principle is that these products are produced in our region on the many Carinthian organic farms. This is confirmed by the latest award for the Eschenhof kitchen, the AMA Seal of Approval.

Organic products that have a short delivery route and their careful preparation are the basis for healthy and nutritious Eschenhof cuisine.

  • Unique in Austria! The GOURMET RESTAURANTS
As a Carinthian Gourmet Restaurant we are committed to using Carinthian products and Austrian specialities in our cuisine. High quality products with transparent origins are our highest priority. We use milk, butter, curd, cream, eggs, fruit, vegetables, freshwater fish, beef and pork from Carinthia and Austria, as a true gourmet hotel in Carinthia.