Eagle Show at Castle Landskron and the Monkey Mountain

Eagle Show at Castle Landskron
The primary aim of this show of birds of prey is to let people have a closer approach
to these fascinating animals and to transmit some knowledgeable facts about them.
The demonstration, lasting about 40 minutes, you will experience the free flying birds
of prey in the upcurrent of the famous castle Landskron.
Behaviour and habits of these endangered species are explained in detail.

Monkey Mountain
Be very close to nature at "monkeys´mountain"
Here you are not just observing animals, you are right there without barriers!
Observe 152 macaques in the wild and see monkeys that fall in love,
bring up ther children, argue sometimes and swimming monkeys, which can even dive.

With your "Kärnten Card" the entrancefor the "Affenberg" is for free.