News from Eschenhof

Rest is rarely more lasting than when one seeks relaxation in nature. 
A unique natural and cultural landscape is preserved in the Nockberge biosphere reserve. Unforgettable impressions await hikers with open hearts and eyes. The chamois climb on the rockfaces, shy marmots peek out, you can hear the roaring of stags. There is a wide variety of flora. The unique Speik grows only in the Carinthian Nockberge. Crystal clear mountain lakes line the paths of nature lovers. 

Time to enjoy nature is the motto for restorative holiday days at the Ortners’ Eschenhof. Far away from an addiction to adrenaline or the need to be entertained, guests of the Ortner family replenish their energy lastingly in peace and quiet. 
Everyone relaxes in their own way at Eschenhof. You are allowed to do nothing, but meaningful experiences and activities are at the heart of holiday days at the leisurely hotel. 

Guided hikes and trips in nature are offered several times a week at Eschenhof.  Those who go out into nature early in the morning will be rewarded with an unforgettable sunrise. Amidst blossoming meadows, the popular Carinthian lakes and the rolling peaks of the Nockberge lies one of the most beautiful hiking areas of Austria. An almost endless network of hiking trails for the whole family starts right by Eschenhof. 

You can also explore the Nockberge by bike on 1000 kilometres of fantastic cycling and mountain biking trails of all difficulty levels. The bike experience ranges from 2000-metre-high peaks and challenging single trail descents to leisurely pedalling. Mountain bikes, e-bikes and e-mountain bikes are available for hire at Eschenhof. 

“Alpine Slowness” is also practiced in the kitchen of the Ortners’ Eschenhof. Slow Food and Social Food are the keywords. At Eschenhof you do not need an alarm clock to get to breakfast on time. Until 10.00 there is an enormous breakfast with a wide choice of organic and regional products. The host has a special idea every day. Sometimes he mixes fresh smoothies, sometimes he bakes fresh waffles. Afterwards breakfast is served a la carte until 12.00. In the evening, hotel guests come together once a week at the “Long Table” to chat, find friends and enjoy the culinary delights of the house in good company. Gourmets have come to the right place. 
The cuisine at Eschenhof has been awarded the Green Toque. The kitchen team attaches importance to the highest product quality standards – regional, seasonal, fresh and organic. Great attention is paid to the topic of “healthy eating” as part of the themed weeks and the children’s programme. 

Many magical moments accompany holiday-makers at the Ortners’ Eschenhof during leisurely days. It is always worth getting out in nature and seeing what there is to explore!

Treat yourself and let yourself be treated on a Slowness holiday, forgetting the stress of everyday life, enjoying early morning waterside fun at Millstatt Lake with a cup of coffee, or admiring the sunset with a BBQ or a Carinthian Kaiserschmarrn at the chalet Maibrunnhütte.

Eschenhof has thought out a great events calendar for the forthcoming summer, with something for everyone, of all ages!
Enjoy TIME as a couple or TIME as a family and step back from everyday life in the Carinthian Nockberge!

News from Eschenhof