Tom & Tina´s Animal Quest

Children, we need your help!

Some of „Tom und Tina´s“ animals have run away. These pets have been missing since yesterday:
  • 1 cow
  • 1 horse
  • 1 pig
  • 5 chickens
  • 1 goat
On the map you can see where the animals were last seen. It would be great if you and your whole family could quickly look for them together.

Here´s how:
Come to the reception at Hotel Eschenhof and collect your detective ID and a current map. We will also give you 5 magic plasticine balls in an envelope. 9 stops in Bad Kleinkirchheim are marked on the map, here you will find clues to the whereabouts of the missing animals. At some stops you will find footprints of the missing animals.
You can use one plasticine ball per footprint and press it down onto the footprint to make a replica and take it with you. When you have found all the missing animals, you will receive a much sought-after Eschenhof Farmer´s Bag as a reward. We hope you, your friends and your family have a lot of fun on our Animal Quest!Participation is of course free for all guests of Hotel Eschenhof!
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