Wedding celebration at Ortners Eschenhof

The Ortners Eschenhof once again had the pleasure of hosting a wedding celebration! 
Our family hotel and its team was able to witness two loved ones celebrating the most beautiful day of their lives.
Our team was busy all day with preparing everything perfectly for this event, to ensure that the wedding celebrations were a success.

The wedding guests were welcomed at lunchtime with a strawberry bowl and rolls. Then the bride was picked up in a carriage adorned with white and taken to the marriage ceremony at the Kathrein Church.
After saying I DO, the newlyweds and their guests enjoyed an agape with champagne.
After all guests had taken their seat in the festively decorated marquee, finger food snacks were served as a starter,
along with a punchbowl, champagne & co.
A large BBQ was set up for the main course, where our chef Andreas was able to prove his grilling skills.
The dessert included a giant chocolate fountain, a highlight especially among the young guests.

As is customary at a wedding celebration, the bride was kidnapped after the dessert. However, after
an hour the groom was able to secure her release.

After that the newlyweds cut the wedding cake together happily and celebrated the most beautiful day of their lives until late into the night.

The couple spent their wedding night in the honeymoon suite at the Ortners Eschenhof, where another large bottle of champagne awaited them.
So that the bridal couple could enjoy a long lie-in, the breakfast for them and their guests, who were also able to stay at our wellness hotel, was served until midday at our restaurant.

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